What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is the oldest indigenous healing tradition in the world. Shamans are often referred to as "medicine men," therapists, intuitive healers, Earth medicine practitioners, spiritual leaders, psycho-pomps, or tribal priests. Read more...

Reclaiming the Sacred Feminine Workshop

In this 6-week workshop, we are going to WAKE UP the inner feminine and journey with her through all her faces to find true nourishment and inner fulfillment. Read more...

Stop Emotional Eating... Start Feeding Your Spirit

  • Do you overly obsess over your diet and body image?
  • Do you feel a battle between "BAD FOOD" and "GOOD FOOD?"
  • Does your sexuality suffer because of poor body image?

You are NOT ALONE!

Are You Living On Purpose, Or By Past Patterns?

GOOD HEALTH = LONGEVITY - Check out our Shamanic Coaching Programs. Read more...

Hybrid Sessions

A common misconception is that Tarot 'predicts the future.' This is not entirely true. As incarnated sentient beings, we are gifted with FREE WILL. Read more...

Feel High Frequency Living

"True success is the progressive expansion of happiness.  It is the ability to express spontaneous joy and share it with others." - Deepak Chopra

At Spirit Root, we believe in three main principles.  

One: We are spiritual beings experiencing a physical reality. On this journey we get to participate in raising global consciousness, move from fear to love, and remember our true divine identity: Unity 

Two:  It doesn’t matter what you know, it only matters what you practice. Spiritual advancement is only real when it is grounded and applied to daily life. Each of us has a SPIRIT and a ROOT - when we can intimately connect with both of our higher awareness and our human Self - life blossoms in numinous ways.

Three:  At the core of a fruitful life is the relationship we have with ourselves.  This 'inner marriage' is the primary soil from which all other experiences are planted, germinate, and bloom. Sometimes the inner marriage can become abusive, distorted, ignored, poisonous, or toxic. We forget our authentic joyful spirit and get twisted up in external models of achievement, poor self-image, future projections, fear, or negative self-worth. We forget that a healthy relationship is not about reaching a state of external perfection- but a dynamic unfolding process rooted in Being-ness and radical self-acceptance. It's all about connection!  

What We Do:  At Spirit Root, we offer HIGH FREQUENCY LIFE TRAINING which realigns you with an Authentic Self Love System: All dis-ease is a lowering of frequency and most disease stems from a disconnection with our loving core. We offer Nutritional Counseling (specializing in Plant Medicine, Body Image Recovery, and Sacred Femininity), Past Life Regression Therapy, Spiritual Coaching, and Shamanic Workshops/Retreats. It's time of make the SHIFT into your most Vibrant Self. FEEL connected, awake, and alive! 


“Love is the lesson, life is the classroom.” - Journey Well


Client Testimonials

"I have lost so much FAT!" Today is day 10 and I feel amazing. I can fit into my 'skinny' jeans and still have room! So much energy, clear, and ready to take on the world. I can't believe I didn't know about this!" - Debra, Washington DC

"Being on the Purium 10 Day Cleanse was transformational for me! I felt supported and educated every step of the way. Learning about plant based foods and how they heal the body, encouraged me to stick to the program. I felt better and better every day. I had energy first thing in the morning and could notice a difference in how my clothes fit by day 3. I slept well every night and felt tuned in to my body. I’m so grateful for this transformation in my mind, body and soul." -Toni Denver,CO

I am absolutely devoted to Jenny and I will seek her services, and only her services, for as long as I am able, and she is willing! Read more...

Laura Denver, CO

"I am so filled with gratitude today. Day 10 and down 10.1 pounds so far! Feeling better each day. Almost forgot what it was like to have a clearer mind, focus, energy, and good sleep...finally. A lot more healing to do. I'm so excited!" - Grace, Washington DC

"I decided not to do a cleanse, but incorporated the apple berry shake with fiber into my daily routine 2 times a day (to see if I noticed a difference). I must say I was surprised. By day 4 my clothes were fitting better and I had more overall energy. I also started sleeping really well and told my husband that I even started to dream again. I'm not sure if this is from Purium, but it is really nice." - Troy Dallas, TX

Jenny uses a holistic approach to health. But the benefits don’t stop at the physical. Jenny is willing to impart her vast knowledge on diet, healthy thinking attitudes, and the more advanced philosophical ideas. Read more...

Barb. S. Denver, CO

Jenny is incredibly professional and knowledgeable about her health counseling practice. Read more...
Melissa C. Arvada, CO

High Frequency Life Training

Everything starts with what we eat (and think). What we consume day-to-day become the literal building blocks of our cells, organs, bodily systems, and our emotional lives. Cleansing enhances 

High Frequency Food: Purium 

"High Frequency Foods for People in a Hurry." Clean, alive, raw, concentrated superfoods are the KEY to healthy aging and spunky longevity. Purium is an Online Superfood Superstore that specializes in high frequency foods. READ MORE...

Reclaiming the Sacred Feminine- Costa Rica 

Each aspect of the sacred feminine marks specific lessons, ritual, and guidance that can assist the Psyche toward numinous Self-Realization and balance. During this workshop we will be working with the Greek Pantheon of Great Goddesses and applying their specific wisdom to our lives. Read More...

"For the flower, it is full open at each step of its blossoming." ~ Nepo