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You are more than your body. You are more than your thoughts and mind. You are more than your job, your family role, and your emotional waves. You are more than the sum of your past experiences. You are DIVINE SPIRIT embodied!  At The Spirit Root, we help you take off the mask of conditioning, renew your inner life, and ignite courageous imagination as you reconnect to your authentic Life Purpose.

With over a decade of experience, we use the principles of quantum energetics, meditation, breath work, practical positive psychology, holistic nutrition, and mythological studies to help you pursue a deep meaningful experience with this present life. We train your brain to let go of past trauma and perfectionism, optimize cellular nutrition, teach you how to incorporate your shadow in healthy ways, and help you with come into alignment with your Soul Contracts.

We specialize in Holistic Nutrition Consultations, Emotional Release Breath Work, Past Life Regressions Hypnosis, and Spiritual Empowerment Retreats. Through our different offerings you will clear the rubble from the mind and make way for fresh, authentic experience. The result is a deep sense of belongingness, safety, and a renewed passion for expansion. Never again wil we have the chance to be born into a body like this one.

Live on Purpose.



I’m Jenny. I’ve been an holistic health coach since 2001. I facilitate personal healing and soul growth through the ancient principles of shamanism, quantum energetics, and modern day psychological theory. Are you ready to wake up, reclaim your sacred power, and share your intuitive gifts in healthy ways.

Through my own struggles with depression, body image, emotional sensitivity, and living as a vibrational healer, I know what it feels like to be energetically porous, feel the suffering of the world, and want to serve humanity in its conscious evolution. I know what it feels like to act as the anchor for others, hold deep space for emotional healing…and yet feel totally exhausted by the process.

With my work, I use many different systems of healing, ritual, and personal coaching modalities to firmly ground you in embodied empowerment. I am passionate about sharing the wisdom of the Sacred Feminine Shamanism and creating Self Care Systems that truly honor the development of Sacred Spiritual Gifts. I can facilitate your personal growth by helping you feel safe in your body again, clear old thought patterns, reconnect with genuine feelings, heal personal wounds from the past, and establish clean boundaries with your clients or loved ones - without damaging your sensitive energy system. I can compassionately witness your shadow and your light, and help you create a meaningful Self Care System that empowers your unique soul path.

Are you ready to reconnect to the phenomenon of existence. Never again will we get the chance to be born into a body like this one.

I look forward to our work together

~ Live on Purpose ~

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When you are done suffering, you change. If not...keep on suffering. The universe responds to your choices, not your wishes. When your desire for change trumps your conditioned response - magic happens!
— Jenny
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Holistic Nutrition Consultations

Quantum Nutrition is not only about the food you eat, it is about quality of media, peer groups, thoughts, emotional digestion, and how all these factors contribute to your epigenetic health. Our programs focus on filling nutritional gaps, transforming perfectionism, mirror shame, body image battles, yo-yo dieting into healthy self love strategies. By working with the high frequency healing power superfoods, herbs, flower essences, and mindfulness techniques we will discover your true cravings and come back into alignment with true nourishment. “What are you really hungry for?”

past life regression

Emotional Release Breath Work & Healings

“Why am I here? What is my life purpose? Have I made contracts or agreements with people before incarnation? How do I let go of the past emotional pain and honor this present moment?” Meditation, Breath Work, Shamanic Healing, and Soul Regression opens a window of perception into the deep levels of the Super Conscious, or Soul level of Being. In this state of meta-cognition, you can connect with who you are beyond the physical limitations of the body, understand your life situations and relationships from a higher-finer Soul Level, while releasing energetic blockages in your energetic field.

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Spiritual Empowerment Retreats

Are you ready to journey into the unknown? Our spiritual empowerment retreats rekindle your connection to your body, spirit, and adventurous heart. Journey to some of the most exotic and beautiful places on the planet, celebrate your connection to Nature, make life long friendships, and find true connection to yourself and this Sacred experience of life. Some focus points on retreat include Nature Based Fitness, Epicurean Delights, Dynamic Guided Meditation, Historical excursions, Time For Silence, and Breath Work practices. Relax, recharge, and ignite your passion for adventure.

The STEP by STEP Process:

How TO Integrate Our Services Into Your Life Journey

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Cellular Detoxification - Self Care - Embodiment

Become your own self care specialist! Here we flood your body with concentrated superfoods, wild herbs, flower essences, introduce simple meal planning, and add daily mindfulness practices to create inner loyalty. You will rekindle a healthy relationship with the inner voice, food, your body image, create healthy grounding, and empower self esteem in our 40-DAY Nutrition Program.

STEP 2: Mindful LIving

Emotional Release Breath Work - Past Life Soul Regression

Here we look into your subconscious & superconscious minds to discover who you are beyond your physical body. Through shamanic breath work, hypnosis, and guided questioning, you will release subconscious wounds from the emotional body and discover who you are from a Soul Level.


Spiritual Retreat - Gatherings - Workshops

Welcome to the ultimate vacation formulated to re-energize your body, increase mindfulness, and ignite your authentic passions. Because we wanted something that was deeper and more human than a traditional retreat, we took a new, multi-pronged approach to give you the most indulgent experience possible. Our retreats are all formulated with Impactful Meditation Practices, Nature Based Fitness, and Self Reflection exercises to help you discover a richer, more meaningful connection to your life experience. All of our retreats are perfectly packaged into 3- Specific Categories: Sacred Feminine Retreats, Empowered Aventures, and Emotional Healing Gatherings.

You need to be content with small steps. That’s all life is. Small steps you take everyday so when you look down the road, you see how much distance you have covered. Distance is wisdom, it is beauty, it is owning the bruises, scars, and triumphs like sacred warpaint. Respect your precious journey, it is who you are beyond the illusion of time.
— Jenny

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is the oldest indigenous healing tradition in the world that uses nature as a guide into self discovery and Soul Healing. According to Shamanic Traditions, Nature is the Great Healer, Great Teacher, and GURU. Through deep listening, respect, and flowing with the cycles of the Mother Gaia, we can come into alignment with ourselves and the Great Mystery of Existence.