Coaching is a well rounded co-creative process between counselor and client that facilitates healthy changes in behavior by challenging a client to identify their inner values, listen to inner wisdom, and transform their goals into action. It compliments traditional and alternative wellness therapies by drawing on the ideals of positive psychology, motivational interviewing, nutrition therapy, and eastern/indigenous philosophy.

At The Spirit Root, we take our health counseling to a higher level.  We understand that the physical body is not the only player in your life. The physical body, mental body, emotional body, and spiritual bodies all interact creating harmony or disharmony in the pursuit of goals and happiness. We look at the world through a multi-dimensional lens. As a result, clients develop a deeper understanding of their habits and lifestyle choices, while implementing lasting changes that elevate vital life energy, emotional balance, and secure self-sufficiency. With guidance and inspiration, clients shift their behaviors by making small step-by-step changes within their daily lives.  Through our programs clients learn about new, healthy foods, how to deconstruct physical and emotional cravings, shift destructive self talk, heal external relationships, implement powerful meditation practices, and empower their "inner marriage."