One - On - One Coaching

Coaching is a co-creative process between counselor and client that facilitates healthy changes in behavior by challenging a client to identify their inner values, listen to inner wisdom, and transform their goals into action. It compliments traditional and alternative wellness therapies by drawing on the ideals of positive psychology, motivational interviewing, nutrition therapy, and eastern/indigenous philosophies.

At the Spirit Root, we look at your health from a spherical perspective, taking into consideration epigenetics and quantum chakra theory. From a quantum/epigenetic perspective, all dis-ease starts in the non-physical layers of Being. Stress, conditioned beliefs, negative thinking, and undigested emotional material all contribute to daily choices and gene expression. Overtime, when these ‘unseen’ levels of being are not addressed, they ‘thicken’ into physical manifestation of illness and disharmony.

In our coaching programs, you will develop a fresh understanding of the interaction between your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies and how this unseen dance of energy contributes to your health, happiness, and pursuit of goals. With guidance, inspiration, and some tough love, you will be gently guided to shift misaligned behaviors by making small step-by-step changes in your daily routine. Through our programs clients learn about new, healthy foods, how to deconstruct emotional cravings, shift destructive self talk, create healthy boundaries, and implement powerful meditation practices that help them achieve their goals and thrive.

One of the most frustrating failures of Western medical practice is its lack of awareness of the unity of mind and body despite voluminous, elegant, and absolutely persuasive research evidence that the distinction between mind and body is false, unscientific, and – in real life – impossible.
— Dr. Gabor Mate