Quantum Healing

Quantum healing is a combination of high frequency sound therapy (with crystal singing bowls, Tibetian singing bowls, tuning forks, and other sound devices), touch therapy, acupressure, and Shamanic Energy work. The purpose of these session is to rebalance the different layers of Subtle Energetic Body, align the energetic flow, and tone the aura. 

We start your session with a thorough 'check - in' interview and discuss what is going on physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. You will then be guided into a personal mindfulness meditation. This relaxes the brain and helps neuro-circutry slow down from a quick Beta Brainwave into a more receptive Alpha frequency (where healing occurs). During the rest of the session your job is to relax, receive, sink into your own inner stillness, and let the healing process work its way through you.  

During your session, I will enter into an elevated consciousness, scan your energetic system, remove vibrational debris, balance your 13 chakras, and use light touch, cranial holds, and deep pressure point release to restore your whole system. Your energetic body will be 'srcubed' with high vibrational energy- releasing any negative misguided energy, unblocking stagnant emotional patterns. Often this is the time when the root cause of rips or blockages in the field will become known. Throughout your session Vibrational Sound Therapy (VST) is used to solidify and strengthen the bio-field and realign you with your higher consciousness. On rare occasions, you will be asked to participate. If there is an area in your field that needs extra attention guided meditation is used to bridge the space.  

During your session, I will often receive messages from the other side - past loved ones, spirit guides, or high frequency beings. Although I do not 'direct channel,' I am open to receiving those messages. Through the process, you will feel the reconnection to your Self and start to feel the deep peace of home' within. When this occurs spontaneous transformation and realignments begin to occur on all levels: emotional, mental, psychic, and physical.

After a session, I will give you feedback as to what I think is going on in your different energetic layers and it can be an interactive experience. To complete your session, we will discuss what 'homework,' or continued practices that might be beneficial in continuing your journey into Love and Light.  

Individuals report feeling more attuned to the vastness of cosmic life after session. Sudden awakenings, miracles, quantum leaps in thought, increased dreaming, and increased non-ordinary awareness are common occurrences. Clients also report feeling a calm mental mind, emotional security, and begin integrating their Higher Awareness into everyday human experiences.

Your Investment:

Initial Holistic Health Consultation: 75 Minutes, $125 -This introductory appointment is a prerequisite for all future work with The Spirit Root and is the first step to achieving spherical health.

Quantum Healing: 90 Minutes, $175

Quantum Healings: 2 hours, $220

Quantum Healing - Breath Work Combo: 3.0 Hours, $300

Quantum Healing