Feminine Frequency Level 1 Training

July 26-29th Breckenridge, Colorado  

Our personal aura is known by many names such as: Mer-Ka-Ba, Over-Soul, quantum field, or subtle energetic body. This divine intelligence processes vital life force from the air we breathe, water we drink, and the foods we eat, our personal relationships, and the thoughts we think. In a sense, this life-force is the vehicle keeping us alive; while the “I” we are so familiar with is only a passenger along for the journey. The layers of the SEB have been distinguished in eastern philosophy as Chakras, or wheels, that deliver life essence (also called Prana, Reiki, Chi, or Mu) into various Nadis, or channels, thereby providing every cell, muscle, organ, and gland with life force. Traditionally, there are 7-13 well known layers, or bodies.  Each layer, or energy center, correlates to a specific vibration, tone, and frequency of awareness. Keeping these channels open means ‘pulling in’ and processing all the consciousness that comes with these centers. As healers, we bathe in other peoples energy systems and can become stressed, overwhelmed, and ‘burnt out’ over time. Yet, we are drawn to help humanity rise up and heal.

 In this workshop we will explore the anatomy and physiology of this intricate energy system and apply cleansing techniques that revitalize your whole system. You will learn how certain vibrational sounds and frequencies can help realign the channels of the subtle body and how to incorporate these modalities into your own healing practice. We will also discuss the ethics and universal laws regarding subtle healing, karma, and how to establish a conscious private practice rooted in spiritual integrity and abundance.

By fine-tuning our awareness of this energetic system, the Goddess within, and Sound Frequencies, we can start to discover who we are beyond the physical dimension. Are you ready to cultivate buoyant multidimensional health, connect with spirit guides, experience non-ordinary realities, heal relationship cords, align with life purpose, and discover what it means to be truly in service for the greater good? Refresh and revitalize this summer in Sacred Sisterhood.

$500 Deposit - REGISTRATION WILL OPEN MAY 1, 2019

$1250 All Inclusive - $950 - Early Bird (until June 21st)

Some Focus Points:

  • Feminine Frequency Energy Attunement

  • Ethics of Transpersonal Healing & Establishing Private Practice

  • Anatomy and Physiology of the 13-Centered Chakra Body

  • Learn how to incorporate Resonance/Harmonics of Sound Healing into Healing

  • How to give a treatment to yourself, pets, or loved ones

  • Proper Grounding and Releasing of ‘non-you’ energy

  • Make Herbal Medicine Sticks

  • Learn the basics of Human Design System

Chakra Basiscs:

Chakra's 1-4.  These chakras are referred to as the 'human energy centers.' In shamanism their vibration places us in the middle world where we encounter our physical body, emotional body,  mental body and heart center. The interplay between these first 4 vibrations sets the stage for higher ascension allowance. Although most people want to cruise into the higher vibrations, without properly digesting the Middle World of awareness, enlightened states of consciousness cannot be maintained. In this first session we will dive deep into these energy systems. 

Chakras 4-7. These chakras are referred to as the 'astral or causal centers.' In shamanism their vibration places us in the lower (astral) and higher(causal) worlds. In these levels of vibratory consciousness we experience vertical time, increased visualization, an opening of the third eye (pineal gland), our personal subconscious belief system, connection to the collective unconscious, Akashic records, other dimensional realities, personalized soul history, and unity consciousness.