Spiritual Gardening Consultations:

Co-Creating with Nature Spirits for Bountiful Harvests   

Have you ever wanted to grow your own delicious nutrient rich food, create your own personalized medicinal herbal garden, or connect and co-create with the Devic Energies or Elemental Spirits of the Earth?  With all the hype about GMOs, organic vs. traditional farming, nutrition depletion of the soil, the over load of chemicals, sugar, and processed foods…it is more important than ever to take conscious charge of every bite. Growing your own food is personal freedom and it’s FUN!

Nature is the oldest pharmacy. 

 If you have an acre, or even a small patio full of pots, we can help you cultivate organic plant wellness and magic. We personalize in rebirthing the Earth around your home and transforming 'grass,' or patio space, into the perfect organic medicinal garden for you and your family. These session start by you deciding what you feel drawn to grow? Chlorophyll rich blood cleansers like lettuces, kale, or chards? Immune boosting- garlic? Parasite cleansing pumpkins, squash, and cucumbers? Lucious berries and mouth watering tomatoes? Medicinal herbs like Milk Thistle, Nettles, Tulsi? Stress reducing hops, chamomile, or lemon balm? Potatoes? Golgi Berries? Hemp? The sky, or soil, is the limit.  

Spiritual Gardening Consultations begin in March, 2019. Please pre-schedule your appointment early.

Just tune into the nature world until you feel the flow of love. The is your arrow into the deva world. It does not matter if there is a message or not, it is the state which counts. Always it is your state that the nature world responds to, not what you say, not what you do, but what you are.
— The Devas, The Findhorn Foundation


Home or Office Clearings: $250.00 -

SPiritual Gardening COnsultation: $200 (March-October), Follow-up $45/hour

Permaculture is a way of thinking. At the heart of permaculture is the knowledge that everything is connected with everything else.
— Craig Gibson