Home Sanctuary

In personal healing, we usually are redirected to an office or clinic that is dedicated to health, healing, and well being. When we are in this sanctuary of positive vibration, we feel inspired, positive, and ready to take on the world. But, so often when we return to our normal everyday surroundings all our good intentions lose steam. Within days, or weeks, of being back in our normal environments, we feel our inspiration dwindle and change feels like an uphill battle. In our personal programs, we encourage you to make changes right in the center of your everyday cocoon, create a personal home sanctuary, and feel the shift radiate into all corners of you life.  

 A Home Sanctuary is your personal spiritual safe place, or mayu, cultivated in the core of your normal everyday surroundings. This space can be a corner of an office, a place in your garden, or anywhere you deem worthy. In this space I encourage you to form a alter filled with representations of the 4 elements and 4 sacred directions: North-the Earth, place crystals; South-Fire and transformation, place candles; West-water and emotions, place people you love, teachers, guides, shells, sand; East-the Air, mental flow, place feathers. It is also a good idea to build a vision board of your goal and place it near your alter and keep a journal handy.

This is your personal safe space to come sit, rest, renew, die, and rebirth throughout your sessions. It acts as a living representation of your inner world and your commitment to becoming your best self. Time spend in this sanctuary increases your inner intimacy with yourself, your wishes, your goals, and keeps you on track as you transform from the inside out. 

The caterpillar does not busy itself with transformation, but simply builds a cocoon, stays still, and effortlessly becomes the butterfly.