Sacred Feminine Retreats

According to Shamanic principles, all of us have many selves, many aspects of our personality, and many different folds to our psyche. We all have an inner child, an inner masculine, an inner feminine, and a shadow self.  All these aspects of the consciousness crave expression.  Without positive expression, these aspects go underground and often resurface as low frequency behaviors, destructive thought patterns. Everyone needs room to grow and express their total Self. This is why having a "Sangha," or tribe is critical for the health and healing of our Spirit.  

In today's western culture where independence is the gold standard, the inner feminine aspect of Consciousness severely deficient. While the masculine rules the outer world, logic, and rational; the Sacred Feminine rules the inner landscape, emotional digestion, and transforms human experiences into Soul Wisdom. She speaks in mythology, song, poetry, art, and silence. When the inner feminine is deficient we struggle with loneliness, isolation, numbness, and depression. In an inflated masculine world, so many people feel empty regardless of external success, loving partnerships, and overflowing abundance. So many are brimming with spiritual knowledge, but cannot find the resolve to consistently practice, remain accountable to their highest good, and create lasting positive change in their worlds. Without a tribe dedicated to inner work, Sacred Feminine work, often spiritual teachings do not take hold.  Community is this light medicine.  When we are witnessed by loving eyes, heard with thoughtful ears, and engaged through positive communication; we are given the gift of healing and transformation that will last.  We are truly seen!  

A healthy community is made up of healthy individuals. We encourage you to be accountable, to be honest, and to rekindle the spiritual quest of belonging to yourself.  Together ignite our inner wise woman/man, and bridge the physical separateness with threads of loving understanding.