Sacred Feminine Retreats

Mythology Is Medicine

As a Guardian of The Sacred Feminine, it is my pleasure to reconnect other women with the Priestess Traditions. In our retreats we use the archetypes of Greek Mythology as a lens to unpack the different layers of the subtle body, heal, and understand your Soul’s unique Purpose.

Each Goddess has a distinct frequency and rules a specific chakra. As we unpack the mythologies, adopt and try on different archetypes, old low-frequency patterns are burned away and replaced by Divine Feminine Intelligence. Through this work you will develop your unique psychic gifts and become a conduit of the Sacred Feminine within the Earth Plane.

We focus on integration on both the inner and outer world with the following staples: Inner Life Meditation, Practice, Enlightened Eating, Healthy Body Grounding, Relationships, and Bio-Energetics.

Get Ready for a Sisterhood Adventure!


2019 Retreats & Trainings

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Spring 2019


Spring Sisterhood Meditation Series

Healing the Inner Marriage

April 18-21 Sun Mountain Center, Manitou Springs, Colorado

Join Jenny and Valerie for a restorative weekend of Sound Vibration Healing and Greek Archetypes in the Colorado mountains. In this sisterhood retreat we are going to focus on healing the core of the Sacred Feminine: The Inner Marriage. By exploring the stories of the Virgin Goddesses: Artemis (Goddess of the Moon), Athena (Goddess of War and Wisdom), Hestia (Goddess of the Hearth), and Persephone (Queen of the Underworld), you will remember the gift of belonging to yourself. - SOLD OUT


Spring Meditation Series

March 25, April 1, 8, 15 @ 7-8:30pm

Karma Yoga Center, Denver, CO

This Spring Meditation Series is all about honoring CHANGE. As we welcome back the balance of light (On Spring Equinox), the timing is perfect to nurture the goals we planted on Winter Solstice, maintain forward growth, and weed the distractions. Together as a sacred sisterhood, we will till the inner landscape, and support each other as we bloom. Each Goddess Gathering will be a unique combination of Sisterhood Connection, Wisdom Questions, and Relaxing Guided Meditation. We will conclude each session with a vibrational sound medicine and quartz crystal bowl sound bathing.


Autumn 2019


Reclaiming Aphrodite: the art of receiving

October 12-18th Encantada Resort, Costa Rica

In this Sacred Feminine retreat, we are going to wake up the Inner Aphrodite and let her guide us back into joyful ownership of receiving. Aphrodite is the Goddess of Love, Pleasure, Creativity, Fertility, Oceans, and Flowers. In Greek Mythology, she is considered the Divine Woman, the Alpha-Omega, the lover of All Mankind, and the ruler of the Heart. Many women neglect this portion of their Sacred Femininity to make room for logical Athena energy, or narrow Aphrodite into a simple sexual dimension. She is so, so much more than that! When Aphrodite is blocked, receiving is blocked and we cannot manifest what we desire. What are you trying to draw into your life? Is it time to clear the rubble and make way for the abundance you deserve?  


Reclaiming the Sacred Feminine

Late Summer 2019

The Original Journey! This retreat is the flagstone of Sacred Feminine Shamanism and Jenny’s original download from Divine Mother during her conversion experience in 2000. This week you will be gently guided on a journey through the pantheon of Greek Goddesses: Artemis, Athena, Aphrodite, Demeter, and Hecate. Through archetypal storytelling, historical insights, group discussion, sacred movement, mindfulness meditation, breath work, and astrological symbolism, we will begin to deepen our awareness of the sacred feminine principles working throughout our lives. This retreat is about reconnecting with the body, food, and learning to trust women.  


9-Moon Priestess Training:

This training is all about understanding Shamanic Energy Work through the eyes of the Goddess. Each chakra metabolizes different frequencies of energy, different emotional waves, and different kinds of consciousness. Being healthy, energetically, means pulling a lot of energy through each chakra and metabolizing that energy with conscious awareness. By journeying through the Goddess Medicine Wheel you will fine tune your psychic awareness and blossom into the Vessel of Divine Femininity on the Earth Plane. Priestess training also includes Feminine Frequency Healing Modules I & II.


Goddess Gossip, Rumors, and Testimonials


Ritual Based Groups

Meditation Circles - Baby blessings - New Home CLEARINGs - Bachelorette - Group Healing - Wisdom Guidance - Birthday - Weddings - Rituals

Celebrate with the Goddess! Interested in hosting a group and incorporating Sacred Feminine Shamanism? We are delighted to bring this work to you! Fill out the inquiry form below and we will get back to you in a Full Moon Minute!

Past Retreats and Wisdom Gatherings


Womb TIme Meditation Serie: Light work in the dark

Oct 31 - Dec 21: Annual Series

Introduction to Shamanism

Colorado 2016, 2017

Womb Wisdom: Healing the gut & Body Love

Spring 2016

Goddess Class: Artemis - Goddess of the Hunt

2018 - Summer

Goddess Class: Athena, Medusa & The The Pain BOdy

Summer 2018

Goddess Class: The Sacred Crone & MYSTICISM

summer 2018

Brain Waves & Chakras Level 1,2

Autumn 2017

Shamanic Reiki Training: I & II


Reclaiming the Sacred Feminine: The Original Journy

September 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015

Spiritual Gardening and Unseen Beings

Spring 2018

Goddess Gardening: Plant Medicines

Summer 2017, 2018


Spring Detox: Natural Medicines

Spring - Annual

How to live as an empath

Summer 2016

Goddess Weekend: Vesta- A Silence Meditation Retreat

Essential Oils, Fairy Magic, & Deva Connection

Summer 2018

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Detox Sound Bathing & Drumming

Spring 2019