Home Cleansing

Does your home or office feel stagnant with negative energy?  Have you ever wanted to energetically align your living or working space with your life purpose to secure positive change? Do you need a personalized indoor meditation space complete with proper elemental alignment and flow? Your home Is your personal sanctuary for Soul Evolution.

We specialize in creating and clearing spaces in your home, office, or garden in order to align your life purpose with your everyday reality.  By using drumming, crystal bowls, high frequency sound, sacred smudging herbs, doTERRA┬« essential oils, and high frequency energy work, we make your house, a home. Each clearing will focus on releasing lower frequency beings (disencarnate energy), removing stuck energetic patterns from previous owners/tenants, and creating an energetic grid of your space that is personal to your intentions and energetic flow.  When this happens, you effortlessly feel grounded, focused, and able to live life from alignment with your Higher Self, rather than the separated Ego.


$250 - Full Home/Office Clearing

Contact with the immortal comes when you rise to a level of joy and purity. When you raise your own vibration, your ears become antennas for the unseen world of magical beings. For this reason, Joy is the ultimate guide to self realization.
— -JAH