The Subtle Body

When you look into the mirror, you see a solid person, right? But, at the center of matter, down from the cellular, to molecular, to atomic, and quantum level, we find that the world that we believe is so 'material' is actually quite the opposite. Matter is actually only about 1% of who we are, the rest is made up of a lot of electrically charged space, which we call the energetic field.  In a sense, we all have a body that we can see, touch, sense... and we all have a distinct energetic signature. Like sound, this energy field emits a frequency and defines us as individuals. We are both matter (particle) and also a wave (energetic frequency).

At the basic core, the body is simply a grid of intelligent energy that sustains a physical existence. Everything we eat, drink, think, and experience affects the vitality of this unseen life force. It is only by this Chi, Ki, or Prana that we exist at all. When our energetic matrix is damaged or weakened - by stress, unhealthy relationships, past, trauma, or poor self-care -- illness, either physical or emotional, is likely to follow. According to Shamanic medicine, all dis-ease begins on the non-physical layers of our subtle energetic body and gradually works its way into physical manifestation. So often, it is only after an imbalance, or symptom, has been revealed in the physical dimension that we become aware of the wound at all.

Einstein said, "The field is the sole governing agency of the particle." This means that the field is the precursor to all health and disease. When our frequency is buzzing high, we feel aligned, energetic, intuitive, physically enlivened, and healthy. When our frequency becomes 'lowered' from poor diet, negative self talk, depleting relationships, stress, and poor self love systems, we get sick (either mentally or physically). It's that simple. All disease is just a lowering of frequency. 

Through Functional Nutrition, Retreats, and Soul Regression Therapy, we seek to mend the cause of dis-ease. We seek to heal the fracture in consciousness that has become a noticeable suffering in the mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical levels of consciousness.

Personal Coaching encourages the Psyche to attain a more balanced and harmonious relationship with the all the layers of Self. When everything is aligned and balanced it is easier to achieve a permanent state of peace and reflective cognition, complete goals, and sink into this very sacred experience of being human. You can have a multidimensional vitality!

 In our personalized sessions and programs, we teach you how to raise your frequency with specific foods, thoughts, emotional digestion techniques, and meditation practice. You will revitalize your Self Love System, repair the inner core, and being truly living on PURPOSE.