Feminine Frequency 9 Moon Priestess Training:

March 21 - December 21, 2020

Welcome Goddess! Are you ready to unveil your true femininity and embrace the path of the Divine Goddess? This training is a 9-month Shamanic Medicine Wheel that will immerse you in the Sacred Teachings of the Goddess archetypes of the feminine frequency. Together as a coven of women, we will journey through the energy of the virgin, seductress, mother, and crone, and heal every aspect of our Psyche. We will drum with the Wild Woman - Artemis, dance into ecstatic bliss with Aphrodite, dive deep into the shadow with Persephone, cleanse the body temple with Demeter, and release our conditioning into the silence of Hestia. Are you ready to die and be reborn as a Priestess of the Sacred Feminine?

Starting on the first day of Spring (March 21st), we will journey through the different faces of the Great Goddess and become a conduit for the Sacred Feminine on the Earth Plane. With Gaia as our temple, we will address each aspect of the Feminine Frequency, both subtle and material. We will deepen our awareness of shamanic principles, cleanse and restore the subtle body, connect with Gaia and her plant medicines, ecstatically dance, drum, and pour our voice into the word. We will hold each other in sacred space as we heal, burn and stomp out conditioning, plant the seeds of sustainable Self Love, and realign with the infinite. At the end of our medicine wheel, you will be initiated into the Holy Priestess Tradition of the Sacred Feminine.

High Priestess Training

HOw it works

What’s Included?

  • 5 - Sisterhood Weekends Retreats nestled in the majestic Rocky Mountains (Friday - Sunday)

  • 1 - Wisdom Gathering per month

  • The Feminine Frequency Healing Modules (2): These are Energy Healing Trainings where you will learn subtle body anatomy and physiology, Sacred Feminine Shamanism theory, and energetic healing procedures. Certification (Levels I & II) Feminine Frequency Healer Practitioner Training

    Level 1: Healing Your Feminine Frequency

Level 2: Healing Others

  • Monthly Priestess Wisdom Circle (via Zoom, 4th Saturday at 10am MST)

  • Feminine Frequency Training Manual & Workbook (psst! Homework is required!)

  • Online Access to Goddess meditations, Sun Rituals, Alter Crafting, Writing Exercises, Breath Work, Movement, and Facebook Page

  • 4 - Sacred Ceremonies

  • 4 - Private Sessions (In person or via technology)

  • Certifications: Priestess of the Sacred Feminine & Practitioner of the Feminine Frequency System of Healing

Our Medicine Wheel

Gaia - Artemis - Athena - Medusa - Hestia - Aphrodite - Demeter - Persephone ~ Hecate - Iris


Spring: Virgin Consciousness The Sacred Seed

Wild Foods, Superfoods, Detox & Nourishment

Spirited Movement

Temple of the Mind

Cleaning up Community & Sisterhood

Silence as Medicine

Root Chakra, Solar Plexus, Throat Chakra


SUMMER: Seductress Psyche The Sacred Flower

Healing Sexuality & Intimacy

Beliefs & Conditioning

Receptivity & Vulnerability & Creative Power

Growing Medicinal Plants, Devas, and Nature Spirits

Sacral Chakra & Heart Chakra 1

FALL - Mother & Partnership The Sacred Fruit

Grounding Empathic Energy

Physical Touch

Activating the Inner Healer

Inner Child Work

Making Herbal Medicines from your garden

Module 1: Healing Your Feminine Frequency

Heart Chakra 2

Winter: Crone Consciousness

The Sacred Decay

Dream Walking

Psychic Development & Soul Regression

Shadow Work

Pain Body Integration

Module 2: Healing Others with Feminine Frequency

Third Eye Chakra and Crown 1 & 2


Your Personal Investment: $4500

Payment Plans are available -

We are now accepting applications for our 2020 Priestess Program. We are able to welcome 10 women into this training. Once accepted, a $1500 non-refundable deposit it due to secure your placement. Please note that 4 out of the 5 weekend gatherings are required for completion. These are held in a private location in the beautiful Colorado mountains.

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