"She was unstoppable not because she did not have failures or doubts, but because she continued on despite of them."

"Wow, what a difference! When Jenny suggested I try Purium's products, I was skeptical, mostly because I believe in eating "real" food rather than a powder. But when she told me that these are all real foods condensed, and in their purest form, I decided to try it. I am a healthy person, eat well, exercise, and yet I recognized that I have been eating a bit more than my body needed over the past few years, and I didn't know how to change that. Purium has given me a way to hit the restart button. All I did was swap out my regular green smoothie (with spinach, other veggies, and nonfat greek yogurt), with the Purium shake and a few other items she suggested to add in. I also added amino acids and Xanthin which she also recommended. The shake fills me up so much, I ended up losing about 5 pounds in the first 7-10 days. I wasn't really trying to lose weight, but the excess I was carrying around just dropped. And I feel so much lighter and have plenty of energy! Although I have always had a healthy, mostly plant-based diet, I am somehow more drawn to food that I know will serve my body well - now more than ever! As a pescatarian, I didn't eat meat anyway, but I have found that I am also eating less dairy now, too, and I feel better. I truly expected to just try it for a few weeks to see how it felt, and I am so pleased with it and excited about it, that I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to reboot their system, their energy, and their sense of health and wellbeing in the world." - Dena Samuels, PhD, RYT

"I decided not to do a cleanse, but incorporated the apple berry shake with fiber into my daily routine 2 times a day (to see if I noticed a difference). I must say I was surprised. By day 4 my clothes were fitting better and I had more overall energy. I also started sleeping really well and told my husband that I even started to dream again. I'm not sure if this is from Purium, but it is really nice." - Troy Dallas, TX

"I am so filled with gratitude today. Day 10 and down 10.1 pounds so far! Feeling better each day. Almost forgot what it was like to have a clearer mind, focus, energy, and good sleep...finally. A lot more healing to do. I'm so excited!" - Grace, Washington DC

"I have lost so much FAT!" Today is day 10 and I feel amazing. I can fit into my 'skinny' jeans and still have room! So much energy, clear, and ready to take on the world. I can't believe I didn't know about this!" - Debra, Washington DC

"I have suffered with gut problems since I can remember: Bloating, painful bowel movements, constipation, and skin breakouts. After only 13 days of the 40-day cleanse, I have no symptoms and feel positive (for the first time in years)! I started small by only doing one shake a day and gradually added in more and more. Now I am up to the full 3 shakes a day of the Apple Berry Power Shake, Caramel Fiber, Chlorella, and Spirulina.  I feel full, vibrant, and ready to get back into the game of life. My mood has improved and I find myself waking up looking forward to the day...Jenny says it is all about gut health. I am so grateful I took the risk and tried this way of eating for myself and my family." - Abby Winchester, Seattle

"The cleanse was a challenge but well worth it. I lost inches and inches of pure FAT! It also rebooted my hunger switch. I went from constant hunger and emotional eating - to being in tune with when my body was actually hungry. Also, I used to constantly pee all day long. Now it's a longer and stronger flow. I know my kidney's must finally be happy to have me taking care of them. My favorite part of the cleanse was the Tart Cherry - Apotha- Cherry. It helped me sleep better than I have in years. I'm going to stick with it." - Elizabeth Alexandria, Virginia

"I did the 10-day Cleanse and really enjoyed the results. It was tough at first and I found I needed to eat more flex foods than recommended. It made my skin like butter! I also gave up sugar and caffeine and now I don't crave either anymore. In fact, it squelched my food cravings entirely!! Not that I won't ever have a bite of chocolate again, but it did reboot my food/eating habits so my body is happier." - Liz, Washington DC

"Being on the Purium 10 Day Cleanse was transformational for me! I felt supported and educated every step of the way. Learning about plant based foods and how they heal the body, encouraged me to stick to the program. I felt better and better every day. I had energy first thing in the morning and could notice a difference in how my clothes fit by day 3. I slept well every night and felt tuned in to my body. I’m so grateful for this transformation in my mind, body and soul." -Toni Denver,CO