About Jenny

Jenny was born in Perth, Western Australia and believes that wounds are the birthplace of Soul wisdom. When she was young, she always knew she wanted to be a healer. As a child, Jenny was a highly sensitive empath and naturally had a strong clairvoyant nature. Little did she know that in order to be a healer, one must first walk the path of the wounds in order to gain understanding. As a teenager, her coping strategy for dealing with the influx of empathic energy and developmental trauma was to numb out - through sports, exercise, and people pleasing.

At age 17, she suffered a broken back in a gymnastics competition and everything changed. Once unable to exercise, her body morphed and she found herself in the war zone battling depression, anxiety, emaciated self-esteem, and deep in the binge/starve cycle of eating disorders. In an attempt to heal, Jenny went on a healing walkabout to seek Solace.

In the years that followed, she apprenticed with many different indigenous healers and wisdom keepers from Australia, Scotland, Polynesia, and the United States. She has participated and practiced a multitude of meditation techniques, and felt the intense healing that comes by living in alignment with her highest authentic expression. She now teaches others how to heal their relationship with food, release trauma, and connect with their Spiritual Purpose. 

Jenny specializes in holistic nutrition consultations specializing in superfood education, mindful eating practices, integrative detoxification methods. She also facilitates past life soul regression, between life soul regression and assists individuals in releasing trauma stored in the body through the breath work principles of Jeru Kabal and Biodynamic Breath and Trauma Release System (BBTRS). Central to her healing philosophy is the belief that health is NOT defined by the absence of disease, but instead by the fullness of personal vital life force and elevated conscious awareness. Within everyone's frequency exists a unique combination of physical/nutritional needs, emotional memory, mental organization, tribal conditioning, sexual expression, repressed trauma (shadow), and a Spiritual Higher Self. It is the balance and alignment of these different aspects that determines one’s health. 

Jenny is especially interested in Sacred Feminine Studies, Jungian Analysis, Depth Psychology, and how the ancient stories of Greek Mythology can act as a lens to unpack deeply rooted imbalances within the collective human psyche. She has extensive experience facilitating personal growth workshops, women’s empowerment retreats, trainings, and ‘Self Connection’ gatherings. Through her own unique conversational teaching style, her students are able to distill practical tools for self-transformation and reignite authentic living practices.


  • B.S Psychology, Religious Studies & Neuroscience 2008 - University of Colorado

  • Master Gardener, Permaculture Design, 2008-2012

  • Holistic Nutrition Counselor, 2015 - Institute of Integrative Nutrition, New York

  • Certified Soul Regression Therapist, 2001 & 2016

  • Experienced Reiki Master and Teacher, 2001  

  • Experienced Shamanic Wellness Practitioner, 2001

  • Certified Massage Therapist, 2008 - MTIC, Colorado

  • Biodynamic Breath work and Trauma Release System - Level 1 Certified, 2019

“I have apprenticed and trained with many different indigenous healers and wisdom keepers over the years. I have participated and practiced many different shamanic techniques and felt the intense healing that comes with this work. That being said, I do not give myself the label of “Shaman.” That title is reserved for respected tribal elders who act as the center-piece, or “AXIS MUNDI” of their particular community. I do hold the label Shamanic Practitioner and feel deeply honored to carry on this work.”
— Jenny