About Jenny

When I was young, I always knew I was different. From a young age I could sense unseen energies in plants, feel other people’s emotions, and had a strong clairvoyant nature. I wanted to be a healer. Little did I know that in order to be a healer, one must first walk the path of the wounds in order to gain understanding. I grew up in Australia and became a gymnast at age three. When I moved to the states, my whole identity formed around my love of gymnastics. The intense schedule was a welcome buffer from the swirling of energies and the trials of emotional family life. Then when I was 17, I broke my back in a competition, and everything shattered. I was unable to exercise and my body changed into my personal prison.

All the emotional trauma of my past came rushing to the surface and I developed eating disorders as a means of coping with the constant anxiety, depression, and emotional waves. The second I graduated, I went back to Australia, convinced that everything would be better. I was going home.

Instead, everything fell apart. My over controlling food habits exploded into compulsive food addiction and I found myself in the daily battle of binging or starving. After months of depression, anxiety, fear, loneliness, feelings of lack, isolation, and living in the pits of emaciated self esteem, I decided the only solution was to end it.

In that dark night of my soul, I experienced a conversion experience. A nonphysical angelic presence ‘sat’ in my body, wrapped me in the totality of it’s gossamer essence and said, “Please listen, you are loved, you are love, remember what you came here to do.” In the days that followed, the nectar of the Great Feminine was ‘downloaded’ into my psyche and I began to understand that my emotional dysfunction was nothing more than an unbalanced Consciousness. I didn’t need to die, but a part of me did need to be recycled. I needed a Sacred Feminine Frequency infusion into my life.

Shortly after, I began studying with Sharon Redford, a Shamanic Priestess of the Sacred Feminine Traditions. She helped me understand that I was a vibrational empath and food addiction and overexercising was the way I had attempted to ground myself. Overtime, I developed a strong connection with my Spiritual Guidance System and began to understand myself from a multi-dimensional lens.

Central to my healing was learning to use plants as medicine and incorporating Shamanism into daily practice. During my healing apprenticeships, I learned functional nutrition, food energetics, Reiki, Soul regression therapy, subtle body anatomy, archetypal storytelling, and how activate all facets of the Goddess within. I began to understand myself from a quantum perspective and reclaim my power.

As I shared my story with other women, I realized many people were struggling with an atrophied feminine side and ‘being open.’ I started working as a Reiki healer, teaching wild food nutrition, and became a Sacred Feminine educator.

Once returning to the US, I formalized my education and began rooting the teachings in a practical way. I also continued my studies with many traditional healers in Polynesia, Australia, Scotland, and the US. Today, I am in AWE of my body. I sit in deep gratitude for the gift of incarnation. My relationship with food and my body has taught me many things, but above all...things will change, but learning who I am beyond a physical form and acting from that center is the key to lasting happiness.

I have apprenticed and trained with many different indigenous healers and wisdom keepers over the years. I have participated and practiced many different shamanic techniques and felt the intense healing that comes with this work. That being said, I do not give myself the label of “Shaman.” That title is reserved for respected tribal elders who act as the center-piece, or “AXIS MUNDI” of their particular community. I do hold the label Shamanic Practitioner and feel deeply honored to carry on this work.


  • B.S Psychology, Religious Studies & Neuroscience 2008 - University of Colorado

  • Master Gardener, Permaculture Design, 2008-2012

  • Holistic Nutrition Counselor, 2015 - Institute of Integrative Nutrition, New York

  • Certified Soul Regression Therapist, 2001 & 2016

  • Experienced Reiki Master and Teacher, 2001  

  • Experienced Shamanic Wellness Practitioner, 2001

  • Certified Massage Therapist, 2008 - MTIC, Colorado

  • Biodynamic Breath work and Trauma Release System - Level 1 Certified, 2019