Ritual Based Groups

Weddings - Corporate Meditation Circles - Baby blessings - Release Ceremony

Gather, connect, celebrate being Alive! Mindful Living Groups bring presence, peace, and active awareness into your community or relationships.



Corporate Mindfulness and Meditation: $750- $1000.

This offering is wonderful for fast paced corporate minds who need to reduce stress, increase productivity, and create a friendly, pleasant work environment.

  • Basic meditation and mindfulness practices - 3 Sessions

  • Brainwaves and Stress Reduction - 4 Sessions

Weddings & Sacred Unions: $2200

This offering dives deep into sacred union, intimacy practices, and couples communication. In this work you will learn how to communicate effectively, hold space for each other’s shadow, become aware of your relationship Soul Contracts, and create lasting rituals to propel your spiritual development forward while in Sacred Union.

What’s Included: 1- Initial Wisdom Coaching Session (both parties), 1-private wisdom coaching session (per person), Couples Breath Work Session, Bonding Ritual Homework, Wedding Ceremony, 1 couples coaching session post wedding (usually 3-6 months)

Other Ritual Based Groups: Please see our list of groups below and fill out the info form for more information. We are delighted to help you celebrate your special moments.

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