Intuitive Coaching for Spiritual Growth

When did you last feel it? That tinging on the very edge of your perception? That touch that reminds you to look beyond your everyday, into something older, deeper, wiser. For centuries mindfulness practices, meditation, and spiritual guidance have been used to cultivate deep stillness within the mind, calm the body, and open doorways within the Spirit. With a consistent Spiritual Self Care Practice you can expect to deepen your psychic gifts, cultivate deep emotional health, and free yourself from stressful patterns of human conditioning.

In these unique sessions, we have an in depth conscious conversation as we work through the different layers of your energetic chakra system. During your session, I will tune into your aura, spiritual guides, and ancestrial energies for deeper guidance. When we encounter blockages in emotional/astral body and energetic field, you will have the chance to clear these ‘stuck’ aspects with ‘in the moment’ guided meditation and heal. With each session you will peal off the layers of your 'non-self' and step into who your full potential. The result is a surplus of life-force and spiritual - physical equilibrium, and the chance to advance Intuition. During sessions I will often receive messages from the other side - past loved ones, spirit guides, or high frequency beings. Although I do not 'direct channel,' I am open to receiving those messages. Through the process, you will feel the release of outdated thoughts, false belief systems, and start to reconnect to your deeper Self. When this occurs spontaneous transformation and realignments begin to occur on all levels: emotional, mental, psychic, and physical.

After a session, individuals often report feeling more attuned to the vastness of who they are. Sudden awakenings, miracles, quantum leaps in thought, increased dreaming, and increased non-ordinary awareness are common occurrences. Clients also report feeling a calm mental mind, emotional security, and begin integrating their Higher Awareness into everyday human experiences. To complete your session, we will discuss what 'homework,' or continued practices that might be beneficial in continuing your journey into higher conscious awareness.This offering is a great follow up to PLSR, BLSR, BBTRS, Retreat, or as a stand alone session.


Initial Spiritual Development Session: 75 Minutes, $125 -This introductory appointment is a prerequisite for all future work with The Spirit Root and is the first step to achieving spherical health.

Follow Up Session: 1 Hour, $95.00

Spiritual Development Coaching


  • Learn Mindfulness and Meditation Techniques

  • Release stored trauma from your emotional body

  • Relinking Personal connection to Spiritual Guides, Teachers, and your Higher Self - Spiritual Guide Recognition 

  • Cleansing up the "BS" - limiting belief systems &  polarized 'ego' consciousness

  • Release painful experiences

  • Lean how to make life decisions from you unique personal authority

  • Learn how to release ‘non-you’ energy  

  • Contact Spiritual Guidance

  • Discover you natural gifts, talents, and psychic abilities

  • Learn what is ‘YOU’ and what is conditioning from the ‘outside in.’

  • Created deeper connection and intimacy in relationship

  • Move past fear into free choice

  • Connection to your Sexuality and Creative Force 

  • Rebalancing Karmic experiences (turning painful experience into Soul Wisdom)

  • Empathic Health, Stress Management, Staying Grounded, and Keeping your 'Aura Fit'

  • Learning Shamanic Practices and Breathing Techniques

  • Crystalizing your active Sacred Feminine Archetypes and rebalance your Psyche