Gardening as a Spiritual Practice 

June 1, 2019 12-3pm

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Investment: $45.00

Gardening, aka Co-creating with the Earth, has long been a pastime of humankind and an avenue of Spiritual Development. In Shamanism, plants are not simply inanimate things that feed us, but intelligent life-force designed with specific life purpose and Karma- like us.  Some plants heal, some kill, some help our consciousness travel to unseen dimensions.  In short, they teach us how to be better humans. But first, we have to learn their language. Growing your own garden is a fantastic way to start connecting and communicating with this vast magical intelligence.

In this workshop, we will dive into the wild world of organic gardening, grounding practices, and deepen the spiritual connection to your own growth cycle unfolding within your life.  

You will learn:

The Basics of organic gardening, biodynamic methods, and permaculture principles

How to plan your garden for maximum production

Proper Soil Structure and Seed Preparation 

How plants are guides for human evolution

Companion Planting for Happy Vegetables

How to successfully Compost and Prune for maximum harvest

v How to prepare and use everyday plant medicines 

Understand the mythologies (and truths) of the Fae, fairy, gnome, and Devas

Plant a Garden in limited space

We will touch on the energetics of food and shamanic nutrition. 

*Suggested Reading: Behaving as if the God in All Life Matters, Machaelle Small Wright

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