Reclaiming the Sacred Feminine, 2018

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Healing Your Inner Marriage, 2019

“Reclaiming the Sacred Feminine was utterly life changing for me. I came into this retreat with a lot of body hatred and low self- esteem. I loved the combination of the factual, experimental, and ritual. Learning about the history of mythology, the archetypes, exploring what we learned through breath-work/movement/eulogy, and then coming
together to share, listen and create a sense of community was so healing. I am going back into my life as a new woman, ready to ‘be on her own side’ regardless of what others people think. Thank you.”
— Barb
“I am a very rational left brained person and have often felt very ‘masculine.’ I was interested in the content of Reclaiming the Sacred Feminine because I wanted to feel more connected to my husband. The week with the sisterhood was inspiring and powerful. I was able to recognize that my logical mindset has a lot to do with coping with past betrayal and abandonment. I feel ready to tackle my emotional wounds. I now feel grounded and ethereal at the same time.”
— Becca
I came into this retreat with the belief that being ‘feminine’ was all about taking care of others. I have always put myself second and placated others emotions for as long as I can remember. The Sacred Feminine Retreat was intense, powerful, and shifted the way I live my life. I have found a new sense of inner loyalty, security, and purpose in my life.
— E.C.
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-Reclaiming The Sacred Feminine, 2017

-Reclaiming The Sacred Feminine, 2017

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Feminine Frequency Sound Healing Training: Breckenridge, CO 2019

Feminine Frequency Sound Healing Training: Breckenridge, CO 2019

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“Jenny is one of the most centered people I have ever met! She has the uncanny ability to effortless weave deep philosophical and energetic concepts with practical scientific application. She had demystified the mystical for me. I no longer feel the need to prove myself to others and have discovered such a sense of peace through the work we have done together. Thank you.”
— Theresa
“Intense, powerful, and shifted the way I live my life.”
I had battled with my weight and self worth for as long as I could remember. Nobody seemed to see me, and instead tried putting me on program after program...unsuccessfully. This retreat helped me gain a new understanding of my deep rooted issues surrounding dysfunctional eating. I learned that my weight was only a symptom of being disconnected to my emotional body. I now have a healthy relationship to food and my female form. I take pride in my body and all it can do. I am truly grateful.
— -Sarah C.
“This September, I went on a LIFE CHANGING journey with Jenny Adams! Amber asked me to go to Costa Rica, for what I thought would be a yoga-ish retreat. I really had NO idea what was in store. I processed through some life-long traumas that I have been trying to shed for my entire adult life. I have been to therapy, I have done EMDR. But I really couldn’t get out of that heavy cloak I had been wearing my whole life.
We did breath work and meditation that was so unbelievably powerful. I’m not exaggerating when I say, I feel LIGHTER than I ever have.
I processed through my limiting beliefs, and fears of rejection and abandonment. I learned to trust Women, and more importantly, myself.
I HIGHLY recommend this journey to any woman who wants to go deeper into their psyche and come out stronger and more whole!”
— G.G
A Life Changing Experience! The Gifts of this retreat have altered the way I see myself. Thank You for helping me release the past & embrace my future.
— J.T
An amazing experience with a BEAUTIFUL group of women, both in mind, heart, and body. The Goddess Retreat opened my eyes to the power of women and brought a much needed sense of love and peace to my soul. Thank You SO much.
— A.N
I came int this weekend very out of sorts and anxious. The feeling of stillness and calm that came over me in the first few hours was palpable and continued through the weekend. It was transformative. Jenny and Val have the most magical gift of holding space, making you feel safe, nurtured, and loved. This retreat was nothing short of divine and I am so so thankful I was able to attend. I will 100% be back next year.
— T.T
A welcoming circle of sisterhood of all ages coming together to work through our own ‘stuff’ together with no judgement. It’s loving and supportive and provides a safe place to let down your inner walls, bare grief, and release what no longer serves you. This was profoundly healing for me. I will never be the same.
— Amy H.
This retreat was really eye opening for me for a number of reasons, but mostly I got the chance to really sit with and deal with how I treat myself when no one else is around. Jenny has a gift. She is honest, knowledgeable about her passion to teach, and comes only from a place of love. She made it comfortable to feel feelings and ideal with anything that comes up. I met a community of women that are inspiriting, fun, and all working on growth in their own way. It was an honor to be a part of this sisterhood.
— Zoe
I have never felt such a connection with a group of strangers. We are forever friends. Learning about the inner goddess was so much fun and helped me break down barriers that were keeping me stuck in the past. I can now say that I trust the path I am on and feel secure in who I am as a woman.
— Cealia
If every woman gave themselves the gift of a week with the Sacred Feminine, the world would probably look a lot different. I am leaving retreat humbled by my Medusa energy and feel so much compassion for my pain body. I am finally on my own side!
— Sara-Beth
There is a spark inside me that has been lit! What an amazing weekend with a powerful group of healers. I am can’t wait to take these teachings into my own healing practice. Thank you everyone for a life changing experience.
— Suzy, CO
I was a little nervous about joining a Sacred Feminine Retreat and didn’t know what to expect. The first day, all those anxieties were gone. I met some amazing women and was able to really share some parts of myself that have been lost for years. Thanks you to all the sisters for holding me in their loving arms.
— Megan