Welcome Beautiful Soul

You are more than your body. You are more than your thoughts and mind. You are more than your job, your family role, and your emotional waves. You are more than the sum of your past experiences. You are DIVINE SPIRIT embodied!  At The Spirit Root, we help you take off the mask of conditioning, renew your inner life, and ignite courageous imagination as you reconnect to your Life Purpose.

With over a decade of experience, we use the principles of quantum energetics, meditation, breath work, practical positive psychology, and mythological studies to help you pursue a deep meaningful experience of this present life. We train your brain to let go of past trauma and perfectionism, optimize cellular nutrition, teach you how to incorporate your shadow in healthy ways, and help you come into energetic alignment with your Soul Contracts?

We specialize in Nutrition Consultations, Past Life Regression Therapy, Emotional Release Breath Work, Meditation Coaching, and Sacred Feminine Retreats. The result is a deep sense of belongingness and inner peace. You will no longer be ruled by external programing and rekindle an authentic connection to the world and loved ones. This LIFE is the Adventure…let’s jump in!



I’m Jenny. I’ve been a shamanic wellness coach since 2001. Through my own struggles with food, body image, and living as a vibrational empath, I have transcended my own wounds and now teach others how to thrive in the body and align with their unique Earth Purpose.

I know what it feels like to be energetically sensitive, crave spiritual connection, and need healthy grounding. You too can live a fully vibrational life, thrive in the physical and connect with the spiritual without compromising your health.

I promise that I can show you how to nurture your self care system and stay consistent in with your personal goals. Together we will rekindle the love for your physical form, push past low frequency conditioning, heal negative emotional experiences, and reconnect to the phenomenon of existence. Never again will we get the chance to be born into a body like this one.

I look forward to our work together

~ Live on Purpose ~

One of the most frustrating failures of Western medical practice is its lack of awareness of the unity of mind and body despite voluminous, elegant, and absolutely persuasive research evidence that the distinction between mind and body is false, unscientific, and – in real life – impossible.
— Dr. Gabor Maté

QUantum Nutrition

Quantum Nutrition is not only about the food you eat, it is about quality of media, peer groups, thoughts, emotional digestion, and how all these factors contribute to your epigenetic health. Our programs focus on recycling perfectionism, mirror shame, body image battles, and yo-yo dieting, and undisciplined thoughts into healthy self love strategies. By working with the high frequency healing power superfoods, herbs, flower essences, and mindfulness techniques we will discover your true cravings and come back into alignment with true nourishment. “What are you really hungry for?”

I am so filled with gratitude today. Day 10 and down 10.1 pounds so far! Feeling better each day. Almost forgot what it was like to have a clearer mind, focus, energy, and good sleep...finally. A lot more healing to do. I’m so excited!
— Grace, Washington DC

Meditation Coaching & Soul Regression

“Why am I here? What is my life purpose? Have I made contracts or agreements with people before incarnation?” Meditation, Breath Work, and Soul Regression opens a window of perception into the Super Conscious, or Soul level of Being. In this state of meta-cognition, you can understand your life situations and relationships from a higher-finer Soul Level, while releasing energetic blockages in your energetic field.

I feel as if this work is like condensing years of therapy into one day. Through this work I have been able to clear karmic pain and understand why I am here. I feel so at peace.
— Karen, CO

Retreats & Adventures


Are you ready to unveil your Divine Goddess? In our Sacred Feminine Retreats you will rekindle true connection to the Earth and your sacred heart. Together we will journey through the Priestess Medicine Wheel and immerse yourself in the Sacred Teachings of the Goddess archetypes of ancient Greece. Are you ready to drum with the Wild Woman - Artemis, dance into ecstatic bliss with Aphrodite, dive deep into the emotional healing with Persephone, cleanse the body temple with Demeter, and increase psychic development in the silence of Hestia. Together as a coven of women, we will journey through the inner landscape and embody the divine feminine.

Jenny is masterful with her use of Goddesses as archetypes, and uncovering those Goddesses within us. I’m not exaggerating when I say, I feel LIGHTER than I ever have.
— Gigi, CO
Soul Regression Therapy.png
The body is the home of the Soul.


Cellular Detoxification - Self Care - Embodiment

Become your own self care specialist! Here we flood your body with concentrated superfoods, wild herbs, flower essences, introduce simple meal planning, and add daily mindfulness practices to create inner loyalty. You will rekindle a healthy relationship with the inner voice, food, your body image, create healthy grounding, and empower self esteem in our 40-DAY Nutrition Program. Chakras 1-4: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart 1.


Meditation Coaching - Breath Work - Soul Regression

Here we look into your superconscious mind to discover who you are beyond your physical body. Through hypnosis, guided questioning, and meditation you reveal your deepest Soul Purpose and heal subconscious wounds of the emotional body. Chakras 6-9: Third Eye, Crown, Higher Self.


Retreats - Adventures - Workshops

Here we enjoy the support of community while evolving ourselves. By looking through the lens of the Sacred Feminine and quantum energetics, we try on new ways of Being. Each Goddess of the Pantheon enriches our lives with new ways of interacting with ourselves and the world. Through Sacred Feminine Shamanism, we focus on the inner self, dissolve any low frequency patterns that may be keeping us stuck in self sabotaging habits. Chakras 1-9, including Heart 2.

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is the oldest indigenous healing tradition in the world that uses nature as a guide into self discovery and Soul Healing. According to Shamanic Traditions, Nature is the Great Healer, Great Teacher, and GURU. Through deep listening, respect, and flowing with the cycles of the Mother Gaia, we can come into alignment with ourselves and the Great Mystery of Existence.