Breath Work & Guided Meditation  

For centuries mindfulness practices, meditation, and breath work have been used to cultivate deep stillness within the mind, calm the body, and open doorways within the Spirit. With a consistent breath work/meditation practice you can expect to cultivate health, heal emotional wounds, and free yourself from self sabotaging patterns that keep you stuck in the past. In these unique sessions, you are gently guided through different layers of your chakra system through personalized guided meditation and emotional release breath work.

In eastern philosophy, the human energy field has 7 main chakras that hold the vibrational energy of our personal experiences. As we go through life we all experience traumatic experiences, both subtle and acute. Often small traumas may not register, though the body keeps the score. Everyday activators like traffic, career stress, financial burdens, relationship worries, and even overstimulation by technology can compound and pull the nervous system/energetic body out of whack! When we encounter a stressful or shocking experience, our sympathetic nervous system turns on, our energy freezes, and the emotional flow becomes incomplete. Through these experiences we learn to armor, or cope, with these traumas by developing a mask, or persona, which allows us to fit into society and survive in the world. However, underneath the cool, calm exterior, the nervous system is still charged with latent stress, anxiety, and undigested emotional material -often experienced as feelings of numbness, anxiety, depression, or overwhelm.

Breathing is the most natural, safe, and effective way to clear the rubble in the energy field and reset the nervous system to optimal functioning levels. As you breathe through each chakra and encounter specific blockages in the emotional field, you will have the chance to clear these ‘stuck’ aspects, reach new states of acceptance, and find neurological equilibrium. With each session you will peal off the layers of your 'non-self' and step into who your full potential. The result is a surplus of life-force availability that fuels your Spirit and creative process- allowing you to thrive.

Each session starts with a check-in and ends with homework designed to shift your mind, body, and energetic patterns. If you would like to complete all 7- Chakra Breath Sessions we prefer that you schedule 1 - 3 per week for maximum benefit.

I feel as if this work is like condensing years of therapy into one day. Through this work I have been able to clear karmic pain and understand why I am here. I feel so at peace.
— Karen

Your Investment:

Initial Holistic Health Consultation: 75 Minutes, $125 -This introductory appointment is a prerequisite for all future work with The Spirit Root and is the first step to achieving spherical health.

Single Session: 90 minutes, $150.00

Quantum Healing - Breath Work Combo: 3 hours $300.00

7- Chakra Breath Work Series: 7 - 90 minute sessions, $999.00

Emotional Release Breath Work

Meditation & Breath Work For Couples:

This offering is deeply transformational for couples who wish to heal past relationship wounds, remove blocks, or build lasting intimacy. A great ritual for partnerships who are entering into long term commitments such as co-housing, marriage, or wish to enhance energetic connections. Also wonderful for couples who wish to separate consciously and clear karmic residue before moving on. Each session includes opening and closing meditations, bonding exercises, release rituals, and breath work.

Couples Session: 3 Hours, $350.00

Knowing oneself comes from attending with compassionate curiosity to what is happening within. To really get to know yourself, you must be open to the possibility that the “real” you is not altogether a positive person. We are convinced that at our core, we are good and decent, altruistic even. This may not be the case. At my deepest, I may be a jealous, vindictive, petty, selfish being. If so, this has likely arisen from unfortunate life experiences. It doesn’t have to remain this way. It can be rewired and changed, but not until we accept it for what it is.
— Dr. Gabor Mate

Some topics of your session may include:

  • Discover you natural gifts, talents, and psychic abilities

  • Learn what is ‘YOU’ and what is conditioning from the ‘outside in.’

  • Release blocks in your emotional body

  • Created deeper connection and intimacy in relationship

  • Move past fear into free choice

  • Connection to your Sexuality and Creative Force 

  • Learn Mindfulness and Meditation Techniques

  • Release stored trauma from your emotional body

  • Relinking Personal connection to Spiritual Guides, Teachers, and your Higher Self - Spiritual Guide Recognition 

  • Cleansing up the "BS" - limiting belief systems &  polarized 'ego' consciousness

  • Release painful experiences

  • Lean how to make life decisions from you unique personal authority

  • Learn how to release ‘non-you’ energy  

  • Recognizing Soul Contracts in Human Relationships

  • Rebalancing Karmic experiences (turning painful experience into Soul Wisdom)

  • Empathic Health, Stress Management, Staying Grounded, and Keeping your 'Aura Fit'

  • Learning Shamanic Practices and Breathing Techniques

  • Crystalizing your active Archetype and working with your strengths