Spiritual Mentoring  

You are a Being of Light here for a specific purpose. You have specific gifts and talents which aid you in your life journey in reaching a more advanced state of Consciousness. This is a deeper offering and goes deeper into who you are as a Spiritual Being and how you are living your unique Human Life. During our session, you will be guided through an opening mediation, deepen your awareness, and I will ask you reflective questions while reading the fluctuations of your subtle energy body. I will also be tuning into higher guidance helping you reset your inner landscape from a higher vibration. With each session you will peal off the layers of your 'non-self' and step into who you were designed to be-fullfilling your karmic soul purpose. The result is a surplus of life-force availability that fuels your Spirit and creative process- allowing you to thrive. Since each spiritual journey is unique, your sessions are tailored to your specific spirituality. This coaching session is a great follow up to PLSR, BLSR, retreat, or as a stand alone session.

1 Hour, $95

Human Design Consultations

Human Design takes you thought a process of discovering the ‘Truth-Self’ versus the ‘Not-Self.’ This process includes a merging of ancient and modern sciences. The I'Ching, 9- Centered Hindu Chakra system, Tree of Life (Kabbalah), and Jotish/Western Astrology are synthesized with the Science of Neutrinos, Genetics, and Physics to create a blueprint of your being. By deciphering your BodyGraph Chart, Human Design offers profound insight into your psychology and karma. It helps you understand who you truly are, what you are here to give, how to release fear, and how to live in alignment with your divine life purpose. Through your unique bio-energetics, you will learn how you are designed to manage the challenges of daily life, operate in your unique 'guidance system,' and how your relationship mechanics work to create bonds of intimacy. Through understanding your unique aura mechanics, you can uncover dormant gifts and talents and step into the new dimension, the new elevated frequencies of yourself, and live on purpose!

Your birth time, place, and date is required for an accurate reading. Before booking please fill out the form below.

1 Hour, $150

90 Minutes, $175

Sessions may be conducted via technology or in person (schedule permitting).

Some topics of your session may include:

  • Contact Spiritual Guidance

  • Discover you natural gifts, talents, and psychic abilities

  • Learn what is ‘YOU’ and what is conditioning from the ‘outside in.’

  • Connection to your Sexuality and Creative Force 

  • Learn Mindfulness and Meditation Techniques

  • Relinking Personal connection to Spiritual Guides, Teachers, and your Higher Self - Spiritual Guide Recognition 

  • Cleansing up the "BS" - limiting belief systems &  polarized 'ego' consciousness

  • Release painful experiences

  • Lean how to make life decisions from you unique personal authority

  • Learn how to release ‘non-you’ energy  

  • Recognizing Soul Contracts in Human Relationships

  • Rebalancing Karmic experiences (turning painful experience into Soul Wisdom)

  • Empathic Health, Stress Management, Staying Grounded, and Keeping your 'Aura Fit'

  • Learning Shamanic Practices and Breathing Techniques

  • Crystalizing your Sacred Feminine Archetype and working with your strengths

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