1. Punctuality=Time.
Your time is set aside especially for you. If you arrive late for workshops or session you are giving up valuable time. 

2. Love your body.
We honor the human body in all its shapes, sizes, and expressions.

3. Communication is KEY.
Sharing how you feel is the basis of all healing. What hurts? What are you sensing?  What are you feeling? Is something making you uncomfortable? Staying connected during a workshop or session is a gift and a great way to explore awareness. Don't be afraid to share and communicate. 

4. No, there are no happy endings!
Shamanic Healing, Soul Regression, Retreats, or Sound Healing is not sexual, sensual, or erotic.  Although sexual energy is totally natural and normal, any inappropriate innuendos are never tolerated and will result in immediate stopping of your treatment.  You will be responsible for full payment of your session.

5. Body Stuff.
It is not uncommon to jerk, drool, sleep, or have a runny nose during a sessions. Don't panic! It is also not uncommon to experience emotional release during a session.  This is totally normal and a healthy way to repair blockages in you energy field. Don't worry, we have lots of tissues!

7. Tipping.
Tipping is appreciated, but referrals are the greatest compliment

8. Journaling.
Our treatments aim to put you in contact with your inner bodies. It is encouraged to journal your thoughts and reflect after a session. Any images, memories, emotions, ideas, realizations, dreams, or inspirations that are documented help create a bridge from our normal (ego -rational) reality to our extrasensory reality.  

9. Drink lots of water.
You wouldn't wait days to flush your toilet, right? Same principle goes with shamanic healing, Reiki, and VST. These treatments release toxins from your tissue and your body needs water to flush. Otherwise, you’re just sitting in waste! Yuck. It is recommended that you take your weight, divide it in half, and poof - this is the amount of water (in ounces) you should be drinking a day. 

10. Homework is your responsibility.
Keep fixing the same problem over and over?  We offer homework to jumpstart your healing process. But... Homework is just that...work.  Please take it seriously.  Self-care is essential and is the foundation for a healthy inner marriage. Try scanning your body before you go to sleep and upon waking to sandwich your day with healthy intentions.

11. We want you to get the most out of your time with us. Your treatment time has been reserved especially for you. Please allow 48 hours for cancellations to avoid being charged in full for your session.Re