Womb Time Meditation Series

In the Wisdom Traditions, Autumn is the time of year known for the Harvest and going inward. On Sept 21st (Autumn Equinox) the sunlight and starlight become balanced and we creep slowly into the darker months. As the light shifts from bright 'yang' to a gentle 'yin,' we are invited to harvest and celebrate what we have accomplished in the growing season (aka Spring and Summer) and compost the inner soil with Soulful Guidance and Rest. Specifically, the time between Halloween and Winter Solstice is the darkest time of year and is referred to as "Womb Time." All things that eventually burst into life start in this dark incubation space...the seeds, babies, and even inspirations come from the 'dark' subconscious/astral space.   

In this weekly Moon-day Meditation Series we will take the gracious opportunity to connect in a women's circle, nurture our deep wisdom, slow down, and learn about the hidden aspects of Consciousness. As we 'tune in' to different brain waves and alter our consciousness, we open to 'more' of who we are beyond the density of physical manifestation. This often leads to increased feelings of wellbeing, stress reduction, elevated intuition, psychic awareness, and peaceful Self Ownership. Each Monday will be dedicated to a different style of guided meditation and mindfulness discussion... No previous meditation experience necessary.

Some Examples of Meditations We Will Explore Include: 

Guided Meditation with...

  • Connecting with the Inner Sanctuary/Spirit Animals

  • Connecting with the Inner Partner

  • Connecting with Transitioned Ancestors

  • Accessing Higher States of Consciousness 

  • Experiencing Your Spiritual Higher Self/Angelic Guide

  • Finding Treasures in the Shadow Mind

  • Silent Meditations with Breath work 

  • Movement Meditations 

  • Dynamic Meditations

  • Candle Gazing

  • Automatic Writing

  • Channeling High Frequencies

  • Rebirthing Breath-Work

  • Past Life Soul Regression

  • Wisdom Questioning and Sharing